Personality Profile

Many of us go through life trying to get people to “see life our way” when, in fact, to be successful in business AND LIFE IN GENERAL, it is the exact opposite. You need to “see life the other person’s way”. While taking this personality profile realize there are no right or wrong answers. You will not be graded on this. While reading the questions, there will be answers that are very similar to each other.

Make sure you take the time to determine which answer fits YOU the best. Be as accurate as you can, and remember: the more honest you are, the greater the result. This profile is not designed to impress anyone. The point is to accurately learn how YOU interact with people. Remember, it doesn’t matter what personality is your strongest or what personality type you are, it matters that you understand all the different personalities and can adapt to any one of them at any time.

Part One

Directions: You have been given a sequence of questions.

Divide 12 points among the answers to each of the questions as described below:

6 Points The answer that best describes you
4 Points The number two answer that describes you
2 Points The number three answer that describes you
0 Points The answer that is the least like you

Remember: honesty counts. Make sure the answer you put is how you are, not how you would like people to see you.

Q.A 1/4

Q.A 2/4

Q.A 3/4

Q.A 4/4

Q.B 1/4

Q.B 2/4

Q.B 3/4

Q.B 4/4

Q.C 1/4

Q.C 2/4

Q.C 3/4

Q.C 4/4

Q.D 1/4

Q.D 2/4

Q.D 3/4

Q.D 4/4

Q.E 1/4

Q.E 2/4

Q.E 3/4

Q.E 4/4

Q.F 1/4

Q.F 2/4

Q.F 3/4

Q.F 4/4

Q.G 1/4

Q.G 2/4

Q.G 3/4

Q.G 4/4

Q.H 1/4

Q.H 2/4

Q.H 3/4

Q.H 4/4